Fuel Credit Cards

Fuel prices can be a killer impact on weekly finances, and with fuel price rises, many people look to capitalise on fuel discounts. One way to achieve this is through fuel credit cards. You can use fuel credit cards to earn discounts or vouchers to cut the cost of expensive fuel bills, and with our help, you can find a fuel credit card that offers great value and a range of other useful features too.

Check out our pick for the Best Fuel Credit Card available to consumers on the market today. Rates and terms can change rapidly, so always double check with the relevant financial institution before making any commitments.

The Best Fuel Credit Card

Citibank again proves it is at the pointy end of the credit card market after offering the BP Citibank MasterCard. This great value card aims to provide a bit of relief for those of us sick of paying a fortune for fuel prices. If you want to use credit cards to save on your fuel bill, this is the card for you.

Apart from interest free days, a decent interest rate for the type of card and a competitive balance transfer rate, the BP Citibank MasterCard allows you to save 5% on purchases at any BP Outlet. This is capped to the first $300 you spend each month, but even after that you will still receive 1% cash back. Perhaps even more appealing, you also receive 1% cash back on all purchases to a limit of $60,000 per year.

That's a potential $780 total cash back per year, which is market leading for this type of card. For these reasons, the BP Citibank MasterCard is our choice for Best Fuel Credit Card.